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Friday, October 16, 2009

Design QuickFix - The 2-Minute Closet Makeover

My new apartment at M-ville is approximately 80 square feet smaller than my old one at 700 sq. feet total. So, I have a problem - what do I do with the GIANT box that came with this bad boy..?

Samsung 40" - His name is "Sammy"

At my old place, I had a perfect spot in my washer/dryer closet. Unfortunately, there was no such convenient nook around. What to do?

Stick it in my walk-in closet!

Bleh, that'll look ugly. Alas, I do have these 84" curtains lying around from my old living room... Huzzah, time for a Design Quickfix!

The 2-Minute Closet Makeover (that's practical too!)

Step One: Breakdown box by slicing tape and pushing it in on itself (while doing my best to maintain the box's integrity. (Did I really just say that a box has integrity, oy..)
Step Two: Remove closet rod.
Step Three: Take desired, currently unused curtains and place them on rod as if it were a curtain rod.
Step Four: Put rod with curtains back into place.
Step Five: Hide tons of unsightly boxes, suitcases, and more behind the Design Awesome and you're done. Instant glam, ta-dah!


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