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Friday, January 22, 2010

Dun dun dun - Office space!

Hinted at on Tuesday, inspired partially by last Thursday, driven by my growing need to have a place to create awesome in an official capacity - I give you, my new office space!





Oo. Storage, score.

I know, I know- I kind of told you guys that I'd be squeezing the office into the entryway nook. In the end, I pushed my dining table forward a bit and now my office is all part of the main hub of my place and I'm really enjoying that. 

Want to know the best part about this office? Not counting my lovely computer, this space cost approximately $100.00 and everything, aside from the computer, is available for you to purchase right now in the places I bought them from. 

I'll provide links on Monday - til then, here's a breakdown. (For me, the best part of this actually was the fact I used all holiday gift cards so my office was basically free to me, huzzah!)

Black and white picture frame (Already owned but from Ikea) - FREE
Pens, Pencils, Scissors (Already owned) - FREE
Storage Hat Boxes (Came as 3, two are pictured, Ikea) - $9.99
Glass Jar for Pencils (Ikea) - $2.99
Small greenish glass bottle and small greenish glass cup (Part of bathroom set that came with two other pieces, Ikea) - $2.99
Black Ceramic Lamp Base (Target) - $19.99
Black rimmed Lamp Shade (Target) - $9.99
Stem of White Flowers (Target) - $1.99
Magazine Rack (Using for Screenplays mostly, Ikea) - $19.99
White Shelf Ledge (Target) - $10.99
Desk ($3.99 Table top plus $4ea. legs, Ikea) - $19.99
Chair (from Dining Table) - FREE
Pack of 3 Clipboards (Staples) - $4.99

Total - $103.90

Have a great weekend folks! I'm hoping to create some incredible things in my office space between now and Monday. Happy decorating to all! Love to hear what you think of the space.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

For anyone interested in knowing more about screenwriting

So as you may have noticed from my blog, I have a passion for writing AND for filmmaking. In keeping with said passion, I have started a regular column on as their National Screenwriting Examiner. 

I know a lot of readers dig my home decorating and baking posts, but for those of you interested in knowing more about screenwriting and how movies are written, I welcome you to also follow my column at Examiner. I will also be continuing to write Living with Annie to please all the decor-loving masses :).

From now on, there will also be a button on the side of the blog if you'd like to check out the column periodically or simply when you're bored-out-of-your-gourd.

xo, Annie

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Guest Blog: Ooroo and the T-Shirt Quilt

I've already posted Laura's awesomeness in previous posts, but today I'd like to properly introduce her.

She is one of my closest girlfriends from college and one of the most incredibly fun people you'll ever meet. We met Freshman year and though she's a self-proclaimed science geek she also has a passion for creativity and crafting that knows no bounds. 

She is the pioneer of the coolest gift I've ever received from a friend: my t-shirt quilt! It's a quilt made completely from all the t-shirts I got over the course of four years in college. It's a lovely (and cozy) reminder of all the memories we made together and one of the most thoughtful gifts ever.

Want to make one? Without much further adieu, let Laura (aka "Ooroo") show you the way in this DIY tutorial.

T-Shirt Quilt How-to From Ooroo
(modeled by gorgeous ladies - Tracy, Annie, and disembodied head - Chrissy)

Everybody loves a free t-shirt…including myself.  But if you are like me, after awhile it is no longer fun to have half of your dresser dedicated to t-shirts, especially when you can no longer wear jeans and t-shirt everyday.  One crafty way to get those shirts out of your dresser drawers but keep them as memorabilia is to turn them into a comfy quilt.  I got this idea from a book called “Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-Shirt” by Megan Nicolay.  Here’s the details on how I make my t-shirt quilts.

To make a one-sided quilt of t-shirts in a 5x7 pattern (35 squares) requires the following materials:

·         Front: 35 t-shirt panels (this means anything from 18 to 35 t-shirt depending on how often you want to make two panels from one shirt)

·         Filling: Full or queen size batting (choose your own thickness) – full is 2” short for the long edge, but that’s what I typically use.  Alternative: a (old) full size blanket.

·         Backer: 1 queen size flat sheet (or a piece of material at least 70”x98”)

·         Thread that is generally matches the color of your shirts

·         14”x14” square piece of cardboard

·         Scissors

·         Double-sided tape

·         Thick embroidery thread

·         Embroidery needle

Before starting make sure to wash and dry the sheet and all of your t-shirts (if they haven’t been washed).  You want to make sure the material won’t shrink after you’ve put your lovely quilt together.

Make sure the 14”x14” cardboard square is perfectly square, this is your stencil.  Use the double-sided tape to adhere the stencil to the shirt.  Remember not to put the design you want too close to the edge, otherwise it might be partially masked by a seam (1/2” seams).  Cut out the t-shirt panel.  After cutting a few panels, match the panels up with each to make sure that they are square and the same size; trim any excess edges if necessary.  After you’ve cut out the 35 panels, lay them out to decide how you want your quilt to look.  You may do this before you cut out the panels if you are going for a balance of colors or deciding which shirts to include.

I usually go about making the quilt row by row.  Place two squares such that the two “right sides” face each other and pin the edge with straight pins perpendicular to the edge you want sewn.  Then sew a seam on the wrong side, a ½” from the edge.  I usually pin a whole row at once then sew each individual square to the next until I have a nice row of 5 squares.  I do this until I’ve made 7 rows.  Then pin two rows together (“right sides” facing each other) and sew just as you did before.  In this way, you will assemble the front of your quilt with 7 rows and 5 columns. 

After you’ve assembled the front of your quilt, iron the back of it to make the seams flat.

Now, the whole quilt needs to be assembled.  Lay the batting on the ground, then the sheet, and then the t-shirt panels “right side” down (i.e. facing the sheet).  Make sure to smooth out each layer as you add it and then pin around the edge of the t-shirt panel.  Trim off any excess batting or sheet material, leaving about ½” around the edge.  Sew around the edge of the quilt ½” from the edge, but leave one square edge open.  Through this opening you need to turn the quilt out so that your quilt will actually have the correct sides facing out: batting sandwiched between the t-shirt panel and the sheet.  Close up the open edge by hand.

At this point you can quilt however you like.  I typically use thick black thread and tack the front panel to the back panel with a simple knot at the corner of each square. 

If you really have a lot of shirts, you can make a second panel of 35 t-shirt and use this instead of the sheet.

Voila!  Now you have a comfy quilt made of your old t-shirts. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Target's Sex and the City Collection

Okay, so they don't really call it "The Sex & the City" Collection, but I think they should. Over the 3-day weekend, I discovered a multitude of gorgeous and affordable (!) decor elements at the local Target. Below, I've included my pics for the greatest value and level of chic. Here's a hint for Friday, I definitely picked up a few of these items for my office... I couldn't resist.
The Duponi Fret Work Pillow, $19.99 each

An affordable Zebra rug! 3x5", $19.99

Set of two Hurricane Lamps with NY Skyline, $19.99 
(I have one of these with branches, super cute with a candle in them)

Mirrored Tray, $29.99

That's the round-up from me. Target's running a great event where you save 10% when you spend $100. Have fun swankifying your place with these picks!

Friday Reveal Sneak Peek

The 2nd book is "Start and Run a Home-Based Food Business." More on that endeavor later. :)

Check back on Friday to see the office space awesome.

Monday, January 18, 2010

This week at Living with Annie

Hi all! I'm hard at work on my latest decorating project. There'll be a sneak peek early in the week and a big reveal on Friday. :)

In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy your 3-day weekend and are excited for this week! I have a great DIY project from my friend Ooroo, a new recipe, and as mentioned- a big, exciting (hopefully) reveal! Stay tuned.
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