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Thursday, January 21, 2010

For anyone interested in knowing more about screenwriting

So as you may have noticed from my blog, I have a passion for writing AND for filmmaking. In keeping with said passion, I have started a regular column on as their National Screenwriting Examiner. 

I know a lot of readers dig my home decorating and baking posts, but for those of you interested in knowing more about screenwriting and how movies are written, I welcome you to also follow my column at Examiner. I will also be continuing to write Living with Annie to please all the decor-loving masses :).

From now on, there will also be a button on the side of the blog if you'd like to check out the column periodically or simply when you're bored-out-of-your-gourd.

xo, Annie


The Discomblogulators said...

Nice articles, Annie. We are enjoying your blog. Tried to become followers...but not sure if it worked.

Also...what an awesome desk you've got up there. And a paint job, to boot.


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