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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel - I made you out of chocolate

Martha Stewart is without a doubt incredibly inspirational. While winging our way back from NC over Thanksgiving, I found this great idea of making dreidels from marshmallows and Hershey kisses.

I took a chance and surprised my group of 20-something friends with the dessert activity of making them. Would this group take to making the dreidels as a silly, more 6 year-old appropriate, dessert craft? You betcha.

And I quote one party-goer,
“the most fun I’ve ever had making dessert.”

Here’s how you can get your own Martha on this Hanukkah:

Ingredients –

1 can of chocolate frosting (your preference, I chose Milk Chocolate Whipped since it’s easy to spread and delish)
1 package of large marshmallows
1 package of pretzel sticks
1 package of Hershey Kisses (your preference, I went with the classic milk chocolate variety)
Strawberries (optional)

Directions – 

1) TAKE one marshmallow and apply frosting to the bottom of it.

2) ATTACH one Hershey kiss and attach its bottom to the frosting.

3) INSERT a pretzel stick down into the center of the marshmallow (to be the dreidel top).

4) EAT! Or…

5) COVER the entire thing in chocolate frosting. Then EAT!

6) Or… (you’re seeing now why this is a fun activity, right?) Instead of the Hershey kiss, attach a fresh strawberry, cover in chocolate, then EAT!

Ah, sweetness and something to do. That’s what I call a great craft. Thanks Martha. Happy fifth night of Hanukkah to all!

Check out my spiffy impromptu tealight menorah below. Not being able to find my real menorah was definitely a big inspiration here.


Anonymous said...

I have done my mitzvah for the holiday season, I call every night and remind Stu and Natalie to light the candles...Not very good Jewish friends, they fogot to put he menorah out until I called to wish the a happy Hannakkah....)Stu said I don't really earn credit unless I call at sundown. Can you earn half a "mitzvah"?
Love, Terry

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