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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Prepare for tonight's Prep and Landing!

Tonight, at 8:30 pm EST/5:30 pm PST, ABC is airing Disney Animation's FIRST EVER Christmas special: Prep and Landing!

The story is all about Lanny and Wayne, two elves on the elite squad of "Prep & Landing" - a team that prepares houses for Santa's arrival on Christmas Eve. Check out the trailer below for the hilarity that breaks out when Wayne is accidentally spotted by a human child:

In honor of Prep & Landing, and to celebrate that today is the crew wrap party for it at work, I present the following round-up of elf awesomeness from around the web:
  • Elf Yourself by Office Max - Most people have seen this since its hot debut last year. It's still hilarious to send and there are many different elf dances: everything from hip-hop to disco!
  • Check out this round-up of all the best moments from Will Ferrel's Elf (also embedded below)
  • What's your Christmas Elf name? Mine apparently is Snooky Bubba-Louie
  • Adventure Elf- A mini-flash game where you help Oliver the Elf take back stolen gifts in Kringleville
  • Prep and Landing's website at ABC has e-cards, videos, and more fun relating to tonight's special
That's it from me this morning. Hope you all love the special tonight!!


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