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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Home Decorating... by the numbers


I've been contemplating doing some DIY decorating projects involving numbers. If you've been in Pottery Barn recently or drooled over their website, you may have noticed a large influx of numbers being used in design. Today, I'm pulling together some of my inspiration and maybe soon I'll be posting a great project or two involving seriously awesome numerals. 

Plates with Numbers - Easy peasy!
The Old Painted Cottage traditional kitchen
 from the Old Painted Cottage at

I forget where this is from but how gorgeous and simple are those plates?

Pottery Barn Pillow Covers - $29-39 available now in stores

Queen of Numbers DIY - Lisa @ Pickles and Cheese
Drawing major inspiration from everything Lisa has dreamed up! Check out these projects and more on her blog - Pickles and Cheese 

Have you spotted any Number/DIY greatness in the home decorating world? Please share.. I'm brainstorming as we speak!


Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Hey Thanks Annie for the links to my number posts! I can't get enough and I am sure getting my money's worth out of my number stencils. Love the numbers painted on the red door....that might be a project for me coming this spring...thanks for the idea!

Becolorful said...
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Becolorful said...

Love the red door with numbers. I may have to add this to my to do list.

We obviously have similar taste because I also was a fan of the numbers pillows from Pottery Barn and did a post on them... then after looking at them so long I had to have them :P

I like to paint furniture and there is a piece on my blog under the painted furniture icon in my side bar of an end table that has numbers on the top. I think you could duplicate this with a series of stencils.

Thanks for sharing

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