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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Blank Slates: My First Apartment

Lovely card and doormat greeted me when I moved in from Miss L. 
I doubt H-land residents are getting the same treatment these days.

It was a very big step for me - my first grown-up apartment. Senior year of college, I lucked out and got a single with its own bathroom, but this was the first time I'd have my own real (read: not dormy, cinder-block wall treatment) apartment.

A little over a year ago, I moved out here and took up residence in this humble little 780 sq foot gem in Sherman Oaks, CA in a complex that will be known to you as "H-land." I had a great first year at H-land, thanks mostly to Miss L, my friendly resident manager.

However, nothing great lasts forever apparently and this summer, Miss L was out and new management was in. I recently moved from H-land to M-ville, a delightfully cheaper, brand-new complex that is (thus far) management drama free.

On this blog, I'm going to be doing a lot of features on decorating my *new* M-ville apartment (more on that move later). So really, it's important that you have a sense of where I started and what's going to change in the new place.

Here we go- here's my blank slate from July 2008 - (I'll be posting pictures of how I decorated this apartment in future posts.)


 Oo, look at all that natural colored wood. And a bar! Ate at that a few times before I had an actual table. The rest of the time, it became my catch all for papers I was too paranoid to toss out.

THE BEDROOM (oo la la)

The humble beginnings complete with sweet Duke T-Shirt comforter
(most of those shirts were free believe it or not) and yes, yes that is Batman.

Hey look, there's the corner. Exciting!

What's up Mr. Walk-in Closet? Guess what my "lovely" apartment manager says to me when I moved out of this apartment, "oh you got really screwed on the closet! Mine is way bigger here."
Yes, you're starting to see why I moved.


Okay, for a small apartment, this was a pretty ginormous bathroom, I gotta say.


And here you can see my super neutral couch...

PS - As you can see, I had a deck but I was out on it maybe once in over a year of living there. Part of the problem was it was right next to the front of the building and felt almost like a playpen for people to watch me hanging out there from the street.

OH, and my bedroom window was right by the box to buzz people in. People also liked to have arguments out on the stoop (right beside my window as well). So that was fun and felt very safe too. Not to mention the fact that after Miss L left, there was a distinct increase in the loudness and obnoxious of the people outside my window.

Coincidence, I think not?

Look out for a few posts on my move shortly.


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