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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hidden Potential: The $10 Nightstand

Today, I'll be doing the first of hopefully several postings on amazing bargains on home decor that have equally amazing hidden potential!

How is this potential revealed (you ask in your head quizically, hoping that the next sentence or two will reveal the awesome)? It's revealed via paint, sandpaper, several gallons of Diet Coke, and countless "thank yous" to Gus (my love) for giving up a Saturday afternoon to help me paint and move heavy furniture for the 16th time.

Without further adieu, our first project, dear blog friends -

The $10 Nightstand! 
dun dun dun...

Here it is, in all it's hidden potentialnessocity. I spotted it at my local Salvation Army for $10 (on sale from $20 apparently.) In hindsight, I probably could have paid even less for it but alas, it was my first thrift store purchase ever so I was more excited about bringing it back to life to worry about such things.

There were several nicks in the wood which I filled with wood filler (didn't worry about the color as I knew I was going to paint of it anyway.) There's a piece of scrapbook paper resting on the bottom shelf which I used as inspiration for painting the top of the nightstand (as you'll soon see).

So yeah, pretty sad huh? I actually think this is a piece from Wal-mart of all places that got some serious mistreatment.

Never fear- it was still no match for my unending dedication to creativity!

The first step was used in the wood filler (which you can see above as the light brown blotches). I then sanded everything down. Using a small can of dark brown latex paint, I went to town and painted countless coats until it felt ready for greatness.

Using painter's tape, I masked off areas in a grid that I wanted to paint. Painter's tape was a godsend on this project- there would have been no way to keep any straight lines on it at all!

Here's a look at how that process looked - 

Using the aforementioned scrapbook page, I painted a design with acrylic paints and went each part with a few coats each (probably 3).

Post-paint, I modge podged everything to seal it and protect it from the harsh elements of my living room. In the last step, I affixed a new knob (complete with leaf detail oooo) and placed white contact paper on the drawer inside the table.

So here it is - 
The final result:

I used the table all of last year as an end table in my living room. Currently, it's living in my new bedroom but I'm thinking of finding a new home for it as I'd like to have matching nightstands in there and I'm tired of it as an end table.. Hmm.

Perhaps it has another round of Hidden Potential lurking in it! Only time will tell. 


Kirsty said...

That is fantastic! Love it!

Miss Mustard Seed said...

I really like the patterns you tape off on your furniture pieces. It really makes the piece unique and interesting. The paper you used is just perfect. Thanks for linking up again!

Sarah @ Hennessey House said...

this is so creative! what a one-of-a-kind piece you made. kudos! :)

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a gorgeous transformation! Well done.

Magic Brush said...

Nice tape job!!!!!! I love it!

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