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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lauren and Jay's Bathroom Makeover - Apparently, It's Easy Being Green

Ceramic tile. It can be your most beautiful feature or biggest eyesore depending mostly on the tricky element - color. Loving a bathroom with tile that's any shade of green, let alone mint green, that's definitely a challenge. I would have doubted it could be done - that is, if I hadn't recently seen the gorgeous re-do my cousin Lauren and her husband Jay did on their tile bathroom.

Located in their fantastically cute home in Brookhaven, PA, first time house-owners (and newlyweds!) Lauren and Jay managed to spruce up this room from blah to glam with just a few additions and a color scheme that worked with the tile and not against it.

Here's the boring, overly white before -

And here's the green-with-envy bathroom, post-makeover -

With the gray paint, new black vanity, replacing the linoleum with tile, a great framed mirror, and a few well-chosen accessories, this bathroom is spa-like and charming. The green tile pulls it all together in the end. 

I've yet to tackle decorating my own bathroom but I'm now considering using an unlikely color like the green above just cause Lauren and Jay pulled it off so well. Classic, elegant, and awesomely thrifty - I love it!


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