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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ridiculously Awesome Halloween Costumes

In anticipation of tomorrow's BIG REVEAL of my Halloween Costume, I've compiled a short round-up of some true gems from around the web that are not to be missed. Click any picture for instructional how-to's from the people who actually created them.

iPod earbuds

Publisher's Clearing House Winner and Prizegiver (Couples Costume)

Ahh, tetris. You are awesome.

OMG, whoever thinks of these things is a genius. Alien Abduction.

Beaker. I told you this blog involved Muppets!

Find these and more at an excellent site, You can also submit your own costume this year to their annual contest!

And check back here tomorrow...
I will be posting the reveal of my 2009 Halloween Costume complete with a step-by-step how to and materials in case you want to make it in time for the festivities!


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