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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Totally Chic and Affordable Posters

Posters are usually kids and college decoration. Our favorite artist, or movie, or sports star - there it goes, right on the wall. Scotch tape on the corners, holes torn from tacks, very nice decoration for the young adult.

But what's a hip 20-something supposed to do? Give up their posters for what Gus calls "boring pictures of flowers" framed with mats? Pretend that we'd rather look at a modernist circle painting than the biggest size Star Wars poster that's on the market? No, I say!

Here's a round-up of posters that are just as amazing, inspiring, and totally awesome as any piece of art (and usually cheaper too!)


Los Angeles Poster in Blue, 24x36", $22
They've got tons of major cities: LA, NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia, and more- compelete with all their neighborhoods! There's even one that breaks up the chambers of the human heart. At a huge size, 24x36", and incredibly reasonable price - they are a steal. I'm planning to use one in my new apartment.


Courage my love, 12x18", $10.99
Keep Calm and Rock On, 12x18", $10.99 (also available in 18x24")
The Poster List is great for really fun but kind of chic posters at killer rates and deals. Right now, they have a special going where you can pick any 2 12x18" posters for $20. They change up their designs quite frequently, but I particularly like their rockin' take on the uber home decor famous "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster (which is featured below).


Posters available from Etsy user Sfgirlbybay in several colors;
16x23" for $23
Interested in this poster you may have seen all over the home decorating blogosphere? I recommend buying it on Etsy from sfgirlbythebay or any other of the many awesome Etsy retailers selling similar posters. Etsy is an incredible online mecca of every cool handmade product on the market. The sellers are friendly and reliable and (if you ask me), it's way more lovable and personalized than eBay. I'll do a post about in the future and some of my faves.


Reprint of the poster for "Charade," 26x35", $14
Why not find a fabulously design vintage movie poster? Or better yet, how bout one in another language? You can find originals at Posteratati if you're willing to spend a few dollars.
Also: not to be confused with, I'm a big fan of because it was the only place I could find the above poster for this somewhat rare movie at a reasonable price tag. It was totally affordable and I'd highly recommend them - they sent me a FREE poster from North by Northwest just for ordering from them. Freakin' sweetness.



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