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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

All about Etsy

I've got four letters for you for online shopping, ETSY. No, not eBay... Etsy - a fantastic website that's one-stop shopping for anything and everything homemade. All those crafts you love to discover at a flea market? They're available online on Etsy and at a reasonable price.

Moreover, you can comission all kinds of custom art and items. A special birthday gift, a personalized piece of jewelry, even a throng of customized party favors for a wedding that are truly unique! (They have a whole section just devoted to handmade wedding crafts).

I discovered Etsy about a year ago and in that time, I've purchased from several different artists. Below, I've put together a few of my favorites for finding art prints. I encourage you to explore their stores and to go forage around Etsy on your own sometime. If you're a creative shopper like me, you won't be disappointed!

Spotlight on

I've already shared with your her gorgeous Audrey Hepburn prints in a previous post. I also own the two prints below. Ellen Lohse has put together a fantastic site with whimsical prints dedicated to quirky television shows and films. She's got a whole series with characters from "The Office" (both British and American versions) and the stars of "Lost." Poke around, you may discover she's already honored your favorite movie!

Thank you for being a friend (Golden Girls), $35.00 (plus shipping)

The Bluth Bunch (Arrested Development), Print being retired on 12/15/09, $35.00 (plus shipping)

Spotlight on

Dazeychic is a Minnesota-based artist with a ton of beautiful, modern prints with heartfelt quotes. I got the Bob Dylan quote print below to remind me of the importance of being true to myself at all times. I've also included another print I'm a big fan of.

"Dylan," 8x10", $20.00 (plus shipping)

"Break the Routine"(pink), 8x10", $18.00 (plus shipping)

Spotlight on

I discovered Cakespy, the fun cupcake-themed artwork of Jessie Oleson, on a favorite cupcake blog of mine- Cupcakes take the cake. Perfect for your kitchen, especially if you're a baker - check out Cakespy.


"Cuppie with Diet Coke," 3x4", $25.00 (plus shipping)

"Cuppie and Zombies," 5x7" Original Watercolor, $45.00 (plus shipping)

Stay tuned for another Spotlight on Etsy in a different category - jewelry, photography, clothing, who knows! I've got lots of favorites I'd love to share here. Til then, go find some of your own.

Once you open a free account, you can explore and collect your own favorites on your profile! Favorite sellers or specific items. Most importantly, have fun!


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