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Friday, November 13, 2009

Design Quick-Fix: Protecting Your Floors with Felt

My new apartment has hard wood-esque laminate flooring. Hoorah, no more wall-to-wall carpet! However, this meant that I had to prepare my wood furniture for the floor so I wouldn't scratch it to death from day one.

My only option for this according to Bed, Bath & Beyond are overpriced felt furniture pads - such as these.

But here's what they don't want you to know... are you ready for the quickfix bombshell? Michael's and other stores sell entire 8.5x11" sheets of adhesive backed felt that work just as good if not better than these specific furniture pads!

I'd argue that they're even better because you can get whatever color you want, they're only about $1.25 each, and you can cut them to whatever size you need.

So next time you are hardwood floor-proofing your furniture pieces, head right for the craft store and save yourself some moola.


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