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Friday, March 12, 2010

Fun free apps for writers and anyone who wants to organize their life

I stumbled upon this article yesterday from OnlineUniversities that shares a fantastic list of 100 free online apps for writers. As I flipped through, I found tons of great sites I'd never heard of that I think could help anyone.

Here are some of my favorites but the entire list can be found here.

Wridea (
I'm someone who's constantly having ideas for stories, movies, projects, etc. Usually I throw these ideas into my Gmail drafts where they live for all-time. Wridea has a great little free program on the web where I could be storing my Gmail draft-bound thoughts. Definitely a wonderful tool for anybody in the business of collecting inspiration.

HTML Book Maker (here)
This freeware will allow you to make your own e-book to share with friends and family. Could be potentially awesome for turning your own blog into something marketable and book-like. 

Emurse (
Emurse is an intuitive online resume creator. You can create a clean, streamlined resume then share it online with anyone- assured it will display properly on their computed since it's hosted online.

Elance (
Interested in freelancing? This site will allow you to view jobs and bid on doing them. Lots of opportunities appear - everything from resume critiques to book writing. 

And one not on the list but I love it - 

Todoist (

I started using Todoist in college to organize an event I was planning. I love it's simplicity and recently installed the sidebar for Firefox so I can always keep my to-do list in easy reach. In sight, on mind. 


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