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Monday, March 15, 2010

QuickFix: Living Room Makeover from a Pillow and Picture Frame Switch

Spring is here (and we're all a bit sleepy from losing that extra hour this weekend.) As much as I love my classic living room with it's black and white framed photos, it's not very welcoming and friendly. This weekend, I wanted to change my look but I gave myself an important rule: No buying more STUFF! I have plenty of it lying about this place.

In ten minutes, I was able to completely transform the room by subtracting and adding only a few items! (Note: not counting my lovely striped walls... these photos were how the bookcase and couch looked up until yesterday and the walls were painted in December).

Here's the quick makeover and how I did it...


a very soon after... AFTER

Here's what I did:

- Removed all the black and white frames (will be repurposed in my bedroom and bathroom shortly)
- Added the green pillow from my bedroom and a leaf pillow I got as a steal for $3.00 at a flea market
- Moved the lamp from my desk to the bookcase
- Brought in my three white Ikea Ribba shadowbox frames in place of the black and whites
- Added a champagne colored frame from Michael's leftover from my old apartment

And huzzah- a new place to Spring forward in!

How bout you guys? What can you accomplish in 10 minutes with things already in your home? Link up your quickfix makeovers below until March 18 at 11pm CST.

Rules for linking up below:
- Please link this post at LivingwithAnnie in a new post on your own blog and/or on the post you are linking to below
- Please only post Before/After home decorating posts (preferably ones you did easily with items on hand)
- Any posts not linking back or posting unrelated material will be removed. There will be more linky's in the future so hold on to unrelated stuff for then!



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