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Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Kitchen Nightmares: Rubber Lemon Cake

So I got it in my head that I woud make lemon cake for Gus and be super awesome by using rice four and xantham gum as a replacement for all-purpose flour. I used a tried and true cake recipe and only subbed the flour ingredients.

Yeah.. should have done a little more research into gluten-free baking. What I ended up with is something I've never quite seen before. It is almost a dense, rubber-like consistency that has the appearance of a very deep dish pizza crust. The good news is that it's kind of tasty with buttercream frosting on top (what isn't though?) and Gus likes eating it with a cup of tea.

I'd post the recipe but I doubt any of you want to serve rubber lemon cake to anyone, ever.

For now, I'm sharing just to demonstrate that we all have our kitchen disasters. The last one I had were chocolate chip cookies that spread so much, I had to put them in muffin tins to bake them. 

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


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