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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Somewhat Less than Seasonal Gingerbread Men

Gingerbread Mer-man, Pop.

While with my girls this past weekend, we decided to tackle that yuletide tradition of baking and decorating gingerbread men. Personally, my little Jewish princess self had only tackled gingerbread houses and the occasional sugar cookie dreidel decor, so this was an exciting adventure.

Using a recipe similar to this one, we somehow managed to roll out nearly 40+ cookies. Most of them ended up fat or blob-like because we didn't roll the dough thin enough. It's okay, we did not discriminate against them - we ate the fat ones too. Nom.

Anyway, in having so many cookies and only four of us to tackle to the decorating, we got a little stir crazy. That, combined with the fact that our red icing was a decidedly pink color - we went to town on making slightly less traditional holiday men.

Below, you will find our epic creations. I think we've broken the cookie mold when it comes to ginger dessert decorating for Christmas.

Gingerbread Man JAILHOUSE (left to right): Big Stripper Lady, Policeman, Stripper with Syphilis (my friend Tracy is in med school which heavily influenced our decorating), and a Murderer/Serial Killer with a carrot for gun (supposedly a knife according to Chrissy)

Fat gingerbread man no more! I turned him on his side and made him a cuddly turtle. 

My friends Pearce and Chrissy. Trust me, they look just like this in real life (except for the fact that Chrissy's skin tone is more like white icing than gingerbread.)

Last, but certainly not least, Gingerbread Man HOSPITAL: (Left to right, top row) Mummy Guy, The Doctor, A Knife Wound Victim, A Headless guy carrying his own head, A guy with Split Personalities, A patient with flesh-eating bacteria. (Left to right, bottom row) Guy who's been run-over by a car, Conjoined twins, Guy who's been taken over by poison ivy, Happy guy with jaundice, Guy with his leg in a cast

So there you have it. I'm currently working on a somewhat non-traditional Christmas/Hanukkah party so stay tuned for a creative holiday season here at LwA.


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