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Friday, November 20, 2009

Peace on Earth and Goodwill Finds to All

Last night, I indulged in what has become a favorite past time - a trip to Goodwill! Visits are pretty much hit or miss, but I struck gold last night. I'd been looking for some wicker and huzzah - two chairs for the bargain price of $20 (plus the entire store was 15% off). I made two trips to the car (they are light but very awkward to carry) and home they went.

Where, oh where, should these lovelies live? I thought for a few about the patio but alas - I settled on the perfectly practical solution - and now my dining table seats six.

Everything came together perfectly. The neutral wicker, the neutral seats, with the lovely espresso finished wood and fun table runner I got at Marshall's. Dinner party perfection!

This is just a baby step in the direction of total living and dining room area transformation. Til then, let me express - do not underestimate the awesomeness that can be discovered at the thrift store. Here's a quick look at some of my favorite home pieces that hail from there:

Nightstand/End Table: $10

Suitcase Table (solid wood): $35

Nightstand: $17

Henredon Buffet/Sideboard: A steal at $45
Henredon pieces like this are going for $1,000+ these days

And many more! Lots of Hidden Potential projects to come thanks to my local Salvation Army. Hope you are excited :)


Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Love, love, love your wicker chairs! These are one of the best Goodwill finds I've seen. Great texture and they really look good. You are right. Goodwill is hit or miss but when you hit it's worth it! Get's addictive!

Anna said...

You are so lucky you found those chairs! I have been looking for them everywhere!
BTW, you can spray paint them to match your set!

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