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Monday, November 16, 2009

Style through Stripes

I'm currently in the process of determining how I want to paint my new apartment (since I am now allowed to paint for the first time!) I am considering going with a striped look in the living room. Here's a look at some of my inspiration (and a peek at my new living room pre-paint!).

Here's the blank canvas, my new apartment:
A bit sparse right now, a bit hodge-podged together, but lots of potential. Check out the chic built-ins, ready for some class and maybe some wine glasses...

Here's some amazing looks at what it could be, wall-wise, from all around the web:

Main Inspiration: Young House Love's Striped Half Bathroom
I love how sophisticated the tone-on-tone look is here with neutral colors. Though my living room is lacking a toilet, I think the spirit of the walls is just as applicable. For more on their project, please click here.

Okay, so you're probably thinking that I've confused the living room and the bathroom. Maybe I have, but c'mon, this is pretty lovely above. Looking at this for the idea of making the stripes vertical instead.

Yay, no toilets here - we're getting closer to living room style by looking at this kitchen. I'm not in love with the colors above, but I do admire the use of more than just two. It creates a lot of interest in the wall but is still pretty elegant AND not as expensive and problematic as a wallpaper that would do the same thing.

Young House Love's Reader Designed Beautiful Striped Bedroom Accent Wall
Gorgeous, but yeah, it's a bedroom - inspired by my original source: Young House Love. This is definitely the feel I am hoping for in the living room. I'll be tackling the bedroom next probably. Isn't this just super luxe and cozy?

Finally... I found one I liked... Apartment Therapy's Subtle Striped Living Room
I'm not a fan of the varying widths but I do love the coziness it creates in the room.

The emerging plan for my big living room makeover is that I will tackle it over the holidays and start the new year with elegance and snuggliness in my swanky re-done living room. Stay posted for more about this, and other makeovers, I'm planning to tackle in the weeks and months ahead.

Got any opinions on the stripes or what colors I should use in the room? Please share through comments below.


Sammy said...

I like the second to last combo of shades...also i feel like some calming blue shades would work well with the floors.

Sammy said...

I like the bedroom (2nd to last one)...also, I think some calm blue shades would work with the floors at your place :]

Miss Mustard Seed said...

I love the stripes. I'm planning on doing them in my home office. I hope they look fantastic in your space!

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