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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Getting down to work

Yes, as much as I might want to dance around my follower-ness, I have jumped on that "New Year's" resolution bandwagon when it comes to a lot of things in my life. I'm trying not to see these things as resolutions, which to me are normally things I wasn't very good at in years past and want to rededicate myself to.

Instead, I'm seeing the new year as a chance to breathe more life into my life. More passion, more open-mindedness, more craftiness... more, more, more awesome! One of the things I'm kicking my own butt to do (other than the always obvious, exercise) is to get back into screenwriting. I started this blog in October as a baby step in that direction. The goal was to get myself writing and creating on a regular basis. I'm proud to say I'm just a few posts away from 100 total and still adding here! It's giving me the push I need to get back into my original writing passion - writing for the screen.

With that goal for the year in mind, I've decided that my dining table aka work desk solution is just not cutting it. It's time to have a real desk - a place to store my inspirations for my script, my apartment, and my life! I've got a bit of a plan forming but I'm interested in your thoughts. I'm limited by the space of my apartment and the fact that I know I can't put this office space in my bedroom cause I'll never go in there.

Here's the deal and some inspiration from the intra-net... Give me a shout if you've got some great ideas, links, tips, etc. for me as I embark on this quest!

I'm thinking the only logical place to put the desk would be my entryway (directly across from the kitchen). Any other place in the main room might get in the way of eating/relaxing/playing wii/attempting to do my Jillian Michaels Fitness DVD).

This could work out just fine but my CD Jacket mirror and Suitcase Table may need to live at Gus's for the time being. He is a sweetheart to be cool with babysitting my furniture until I have a bigger apartment or dare I say, house, to put it in.

I'm on the hunt for a desk from anywhere and contemplating customizing a boring piece from Ikea (yay before and afters for the blog!). The space limitations are 42" max wide, 22" max deep and I just have a small mac laptop- not a large, bulky, loves-to-freeze-up PC.

Here are photos of the space -


 Spotted this on Little Bit Funky yesterday and snagged it for my inspiration file (an open Word Document I keep for all things amazing.) The color is bold but I'm kind of digging it, especially with how everything's been pulled together. Also majorly in love with the two picture ledges. Great stuff and pulled together in a small space.

Grabbed from (a great place to pull together tons of home decorating photos and make your own ideabooks aka inspiration files). I like the use of the beige (any soft color really) contrasted with the white furniture. I have so much dark furniture that I'm thinking it'd be fun to do something different/lighten things up. Also not opposed to some shelving like this, making my office area look more built-in.

Also from, loving the shape of this desk with the x's. Also enjoying the shape of the lamp and the use of the memo board to frame out the space. The backdrop (i.e. the dark brown) is way too dark but still, loving the other details here.

I have always really liked the idea of having a series of clipboards. I'm always thinking about and working on several different projects so I think I'd really enjoy having some cute order to my crafting and writing mania. To boot, I've totally spotted clipboards at the dollar store. Score!

In addition to these photos, I'm also toying with the idea of doing some chalkboard paint and/or incorporating beadboard in some way. I may go to Ikea tonight and surrender 3 hours of my life to perusing the shelves. It's okay- it's all the in name of New Year's and new beginnings...

Chime in with your thoughts, please and thank you!

xo Annie


Chanel said...

I Love you Annie! You're the Cooooolest! :D

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Love all those idea photos and good for you for carving out some space for yourself! I see desks all the time at Goodwill and some 2nd hand consignment stores. I have also thought about the idea of getting two 2 drawer filing cabinets and then getting a remnant piece of formica or even Corian or granite from Lowes or Home Depot. You could put a decorator fabric skirt around it to hide the file cabinets. Just brainstorming a little. Looking forward to see what you come up with.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of the photo ledges with baskets full of things you need, then maybe a row of clip boards underneath the ledge to hold the scripts you're working on at the moment. I LOVE the second photo, but think it might look too big for when you first walk in.


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